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Flexible Screw Conveyor

SPIRALINK BULKTECH India's first Flexible Screw Conveyor manufacturer in India with inhouse manufacturer of spirals  The flexible screw conveyer is a Tube type conveyer which is used to convey granule products by using a screw which moves inside a consolidated tube pushing the material forward.
A smart customer always wants a product, which full fills the need of the hour with quality and precision, which brings our Flexible screw Conveyors in the picture.

A Flexible screw conveyer also known as an FSC is an engineering marvel which takes care of all the problems of conveying Dry, bulk solids or any other powder ingredients.

It is a complete powder handling system.


Design Simplicity:

The electric motor driven spiral, which is the only moving part, rotates within a sealed tube, moving the material along the tube. The design simplicity eliminates the need for any additional operating equipment such as filters or bearings- all adding up to a system that’s low on installation and maintenance costs and high on efficiency and performance.

Constant Remixing:
The unique action of the flexible spiral conveyer eliminates the risk of the product separation that can take place in the conventional pneumatic conveying systems where mixed materials have components with different densities and/or particle size, in fact the conveying action ensures constant remixing; essential when feeding pre-mixed ingredients to packaging and tabletting machines.

Low Maintenance:
Only moving part of our flexible screw conveyor is its robust inner spiral, trouble-free operation is ensured.

Control equipment ranges from simple starters, level controls and timers to PLC systems enabling multi-ingredient recipe variations to be weighed, blended and conveyed.


Dust Free:
Totally sealed during operation and because air is not used as the conveying medium, there is no risk of dust contamination escaping in to the atmosphere- critical for applications involving active pharmaceuticals and hazardous chemicals.

Food Grade Certified:
The FSC tube is made up of Ultra High molecular weight treated PE or UHMWPE which is a food grade material along with the inner screw made up of stainless steel which makes it completely safe for food product propagation.

Easy to Clean:
Optional, interlocked, quick release connectors facilitate rapid dismantling and reassembly where dry cleaning of the spiral, tube and connectors are essential.
Conveyors can be emptied of residual material by reversing the motor and then flushed through with water or cleaning solutions.

Gentle Handling:
Little to no product degradation.

Easy installation, minimum distribution:
Linked conveyors with multiple intake and discharge units can also be fitted enabling materials to be conveyed over greater distance, multiple discharge points can be placed along a horizontal distance which, when combined with elevating conveyors, can lift ingredients from storage bins and convey at ceiling heights to feed a line of processing or packing machines.

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