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Sectional Screw Flights/Screw Auger/Spiral/Screw Blades.

Outside Diameter Range : 20mm to 2500mm

Standard Thicknesses : 2mm to 50mm

Pitch Range : Standard Pitch, Long Pitch, Short Pitch, 20 mm to 2500 mm

Flight Orientation : Left-handed I Right-handed

Material Types : lS2062 I A36 Carbon Steel, Ar235 I AR400, HARD OX 400 & 500 I SAlLHARD, ABREX 400 & 500, Stainless Steel Type 304 I 316.

Applications : Grain, Cement handling / Coal handling, Pharmaceutical Blender, Ribbon Blender, Feeder Wagons, Mixer Wagons, Augers Food Handling, Fertilizer, Mining, Underground Boring etc.​

Standard Pitch, Single Flight

Standard Pitch, Single Flight.jpeg

Conveyor screws with pitch equal to
screw diameter are considered standard.
They are suitable for a wide range of
materials in most conventional applications.

Short Pitch, Single Flight

Short Pitch, Single Flight.jpeg

Flight pitch is reduced to 2/3 diameter.
Recommended for inclined or vertical
application. Used in screw feeders. Shorter pitch retards flushing of materials which fluidize

Half Pitch, Single Flight

Half Pitch, Single Flight.jpeg

Similar to short pitch, except pitch is reduced to 1/2 standard pitch. Useful for vertical or inclined applications ,for screw feeders and for handling extremely fluid materials.

Long Pitch, Single Flight

Long Pitch, Single Flight.jpeg

Pitch is equal to I1/2 diameters. Useful for
agitating fluid materials or for rapid
movement of very free -flowing materials.

Variable Pitch, Single Flight

Variable Pitch, Single Flight.jpeg

Flights have increasing pitch and are used in
screw feeders to provide uniform withdrawal of fine, free- flowing materials over the full length of the inlet opening.

Double Flight, Standard Pitch

Double Flight, Standard Pitch.jpeg

Double flights, standard pitch screws provide smooth, regular material flow and uniform movement of certain types of materials.

Tapered, Standard Pitch, Single Flight

Tapered, Standard Pitch, Single Flight.j

Screw flights increase from 2/3 to full diameter. Used in screw feeders to provide
uniform withdrawal of lumpy materials.
Generally equivalent to and more
economical than variable pitch.

Single Cut-Flight, Standard Pitch

Single Cut-Flight, Standard Pitch.jpeg

Screws are notched at regular intervals at
outer edge. Affords mixing action and
agitation of material in transit. Useful for
moving materials which tend to pack.

Cut & Folded Flight, Standard Pitch

Cut & Folded Flight, Standard Pitch.jpeg

Folded flight segments lift and spill the
material. Partially retarded flow provides
thorough mixing action. Excellent for heating, cooling or aerating light substances.

Standard Pitch With Paddles

Standard Pitch With Paddles.jpeg

Adjustable paddles positioned between
screw flights oppose flow to provide
gentle but thorough mixing action.



Adjustable paddles provide complete mixing
action, and controlled material flow.

Single Flight Ribbon

Single Flight Ribbon.jpeg

Excellent for conveying sticky or viscous
material. Open space between flighting
and pipe eliminates collection and
build -up of the material.

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